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Hair lotions

Discover the wide range of Myrsol hair lotions. In our laboratory in Barcelona we produce an exceptional assortment of cosmetic products.

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Vitalizing lotion Myrsol: regenerating of the scalp, dandruff and antimicrobic. Myrsol possesses a fine and pleasant fragrance. Dermatologically tested

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Blue hair tonic Myrsol: fabric freshener. It removes the yellowish to white and grey hair.

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Grease lotion Myrsol: it dissolves the fat of the scalp. Stops and prevents hair loss and stimulates their growth. It has a fine and pleasant fragrance.

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Anti Myrsol grey hair lotion: recover the natural color of the hair gradually.
Shake well before use and keep out of the reach of children avoid contact with eyes. It avoids the formation of dandruff or fat and helps the conservation of hair. Dermatologically tested.

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Sparkling hair Myrsol pH lemon 6: wash the hair dry and prepares it for sculpting a knife, effective against dandruff and hair loss. Finally-scented lotion. Dermatologically tested.

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Quina Myrsol rum with a pH 6: it effectively acts to dissolve and also prevent the appearance of dandruff. Prevents hair loss. Fine and pleasant perfume. Dermatologically tested.

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