​Myrsol - What we do

What we do

In the cosmetic laboratory Myrsol of Barcelona we manufacture:

  • Shaving products: massages before and after, lip balms and liquid.
  • Shaving soap, liquid and cream.
  • Treatment shampoos: dandruff, seborrhoea, fat and white hair care.
  • Tonic anti-dandruff, fat, seborrhoea and white hair care.
  • Ron quina.
  • Colonies.
  • Cosmetics for the care of the footl.
  • Treatment shampoos: brea for fatty and thin hair.
  • Very mild dandruff can be often used.
  • Antiseborreico for oily hair.
  • Blue fabric freshener shampoo for gray and white hair care.
  • Hair lotions: dandruff, fat, seborrhoea and hair tonic for the care of white and grey hair.

We are distributors of:

  • Hair products: dyes, oxidants, permanent, neutralizing, foams, masks, hair, lacquers, waxes.
  • Appliances, furniture and utensils of hairdressing and aesthetics: scissors, combs, brushes, knives, brushes, razor blades, La Gomera, cups, neck rolls, paper stretcher, etc.
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